Ramesh and Vijay were the best of friends. They had done well in their lives and were living a great retired life. Both were blessed with wonderful daughters who were doing well in their life.

Ramesh: Yaar Vijay, we have received a marriage proposal for Sanjana. The family seems to be well off. I am hoping that the proposal will come through.

Vijay: That’s wonderful news bhai. Tell me, what else do you know about the family?

Ramesh: Just that they are well to do and so on. Got this information from someone I know.

V: Yaar Ramesh, you know I went through a similar experience with my daughter Seema. The boy’s family seemed very well to do.

R: And?

V: Yaar, they initially said that they did not want anything. However, they were asking what will Seema be given in terms of ornaments, etc. This made me a little uncomfortable and I had to take time for a double check on the family antecedents.

R: Ok?

V: Luckily we got to know that the family was on the brink of bankruptcy.

R: Really? What are you saying?

V: Yes. We politely declined the proposal. I didn’t want Seema to get into a family which is on the brink of bankruptcy.

R: What do you think I should do Vijay?

V: Get their credit health checked on creditkundli.in. It is a very simple process.

R: Wow. How do I get it done?

V: You will need the KYC of the boy. Since it cannot be done by a 3rd party, the boy’s consent is important.

R: Ok. Ill persuade him to do this.

After a week… Both Ramesh and Vijay met for their morning walk again.

R: Thank you Yaar. You saved my daughter’s life from getting into trouble. The boy’s family was initially not ready for sharing the relevant details. However, they agreed in the end. We got to know that the boy’s and his family’s credit health was on the decline. Thank you!

V: You are most welcome. That’s what friends are for. Sanjana is as much a daughter to me than she is to you. Ultimately, her happiness is our happiness. And I would never let you do anything which would lead to unhappiness. After all, Kanyadaan is the most Pavitra Daan right?

R: Right. (And they both give each other a big hug!!!)

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